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Ben Young's Oceanic Sceneries of Glass

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With every state of matter, one can have an idea of its tangency. Water is wet, concrete is hard, air is untouchable, and one artist from Mount Maunganui in New Zealand, pushes the limit between the differences of these facts.

These are the unmistakable works of Ben Young, a surfer and boat builder turned professional sculptor through his intrepid love for the ocean. Much of Ben’s finished pieces resemble the cool bay waters of his country, set into a dynamic scene through his use of layered glass and other types of industrial materials.

His process is a very meticulous one, starting off with the initial sketching of his artworks, later followed by the careful hand-cutting of several clear glass sheets. The optically pure properties of glass make it an ingenious element for him to express the clarity and serenity of water in his many breath-taking masterpieces.

His website brokenliquid.com, showcases much of his works through a washed-minimalistic style. Ben has been adamantly creating his mixed-media sculptures for over 15 years now, with exhibits spanning across Australia, and all over the world.

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