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Kylo Chua's Interwoven Lacework Sculptures

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The sensuality of human art is the notion that something can become more than simply the stream of its parts, enticing gravity from human emotions and touching on new lines of interpretation and imagination.

This sets the tone for one particular artist’s style of sculpture, whose work so often mimics a fluidity of motion that is captured and held solid within a never-ending loop of time and tangibility.

Kylo Chua is a young Philippine sculptor whose characteristically effeminate works have been featured in and around the Asia Pacific region, permeating the art circles of Singapore, Japan and the UK.

The uninterupted, almost calligraphic shapes of his artform escape the traditional rigid feel of classical sculpture. They tend to shift towards the smooth, essentially endless concept of a linear infinity, as one might see from the physique and contours of his compositions.

Kylo’s curious works have stemmed from his appreciation for the concept of eternity and the beauty of a measureless continuity, which is ever present as an underlying theme in all of his sculptures. Many of his pieces depict human and nature-inspired subjects, contoured elegantly into manifestations of this ideology. 

His artworks are now part of private collections all around the globe, with both newer creations and personal works viewable on his online web platform, www.sculptor.asia.

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